Course curriculum

    1. Hello And Welcome!

    2. All The Printable Content

    1. Categorizing Skin Tones

    2. Picking Pencils For The Cream Skin Tone

    3. Coloring Technique And First Colors

    4. Let's Talk Brands

    5. First Dark Color

    6. Why So Many Colors

    7. Shadows And Makeup

    8. Final Colors

    9. Bringing It All Together

    10. Build Your Own Color Palette

    11. Cream Skin Tone Homework

    12. Cream Skin Tone Color Chart

    13. Cream Skin Tone Coloring

    1. First Color

    2. Orange Undertone

    3. Building Up Brown Pigments

    4. Purple Shadows

    5. More Purple

    6. Let's Talk Color Charts

    7. What About Makeup?

    8. Finalizing The Coloring

    9. Peaches Color Charts And Homework

    10. Peaches Skin Tone Color Chart

    11. Peaches Skin Tone Coloring

    1. Pale Rose Undertone

    2. The Most Important Layer

    3. Ogres Have Layers

    4. Flow States And Elderly Cats

    5. Mid-course survey

    6. Strong Purple

    7. Yellow, White, And Black

    8. Final Details And Homework

    9. Caramel Skin Tone Color Chart

    10. Caramel Skin Tone Coloring

    1. Color Matching And Gradients

    2. Color Matching Game

    3. Background Color

    4. Toffee Primer Color

    5. Light Brown

    6. Deep Purple

    7. A Natural Look

    8. Don't Be Afraid To Go Dark

    9. Blender Option

    10. Final Details And Homework

    11. Toffee Skin Tone Color Chart

    12. Toffee Skin Tone Coloring

    1. Espresso Undertone

    2. A Crazy Color Choice

    3. Strong Brown

    4. A Touch Of Red

    5. Building Up Shades

    6. Two Kinds Of Blenders

    7. Final Homework

    8. Espresso Skin Tone Color Chart

    9. Espresso Skin Tone Coloring

    10. All Skin Tones Together

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